Day 85 of 100 days of happiness.

Nightcap with friends.


Day 83 of 100 days of happiness.

I believe the movie Crash was so successful because it was so relatable. It highlights the fact that we are all connected and even during turmoil we find our way.

A friend of mine called me today. She said on her way to do a good deed for another friend, a man crashed into her car. I was alarmed but tried to stay calm. This was her second crash within the last six months. After reassured me that she’s fine, I listened as she told me how the man and her had such great dialogue she invited him to sit inside her car as they waited for the police to arrive at the scene. Apparently this phase of his life things aren’t going too well. She ended up giving him her business card and extended him the invitation to email her his resume. She intends to assist him with getting a job. She was emotional because it was a bad situation but somehow something good came out of it. She met this stranger who not only needed a job but he also needed her prayer.

Hearing about her encounter made my day.