The Birth of a Nation; I hope. 

Once I had a dream that I was buried alive. I felt like I was placed in a position, couldn’t move and something covered my  nostril, it caused me to gradually lose my breath. As if that wasn’t bad enough, no matter how much I banged on top of the coffin, no one heard me. I was helpless, without a savior. It was one of the most terrifying thing to experience, even in my dream. There were many situations in life where this feeling applies; even today.

I bought my ticket for The Birth of a Nation online, a day before its release. Something I’ve never done before. Frankly, I didn’t want to be left out in the cold if it was sold out. My friend who warned me ahead of time of her inability to stay awake during a movie, didn’t even want to leave her seat to use the bathroom. We were both glued to the screen, there is just something different. Birth of a Nation is not a topical slave movie. This is not a review, so I won’t say anymore. What I will say is, I am happy, feel proud and relieved. The feeling of being trapped and powerless is still the reality for many black people. Just ask Ronald Cotton, Sandra Bland, the Central Park five…. For me that would be like being buried alive. Having no voice because of race or status is a form of slavery. We’re placed in a box filled with stereotypes, unfortunately a lot of us believe these things about ourselves. I cried the next day, not because I was sad but because I was thanking God for giving Nate Parker the will, strength and passion to make this project happen. If it speaks to ten people it would have done what he set out to do.

I’m going to see it again with my daughter.

The museum. 

Multitude come from far.

Just for a glance. 

Art should be seen but forgot. 

Forgotten until next time.

 Chatter of its beauty is seen.

Seen but not forgotten.

 Take me away… Instead make me water. 

So without me, death will be your faith.

Black Like ME.




At my old job, one of my coworker locked herself in an unused office, with the blinds closed and basically laid on the carpet. She was having a major migraine headache. I felt for her, it must have been terrible for her to go to such great lengths inorder to have peace, quiet and find a place without lights. However, no matter how sad I felt for her, I truly didn’t feel her pain because I have never experience migraine.

Today I was so angered by Trent Dilfer’s comment towards Collin Kaepernick. Dilfer said the job of a backup quarterback “is to be quiet, and sit in the shadows and get the starter ready to play Week 1.” I thought it was an act to belittle him, his way of trying to mentally cut him down. I was so irate beyond boiling point but then when I thought about the fact that he was exercising the same rights he criticized Kaepemick for. Plus the fact that Collin is getting such a strong reaction can only means his protest is working. It’s great that he is able to take a knee or sit during the national anthem. It touches my heart so much because he has so much to lose. For me the icing on the cake is his distinguish, intelligent and passionate response whenever he is interviewed by the press.  Just like my coworker who was in pain, even though I never felt it, but I was aware of her pain. His actions don’t seem as if it’s for show; he is aware of the pain.

Who we really are…

In this season my life is moving so fast, if I’m not careful it’s quite easy to miss all of the lessons right before my eyes.

A few of my co workers are quite accomplished but no one would ever know it because it’s not worn on their sleeves nor they brag about it. The crazy thing is, the one that are not, are usually the ones always doing the bragging. Hey, I sum it all up to life. Yesterday something triggered the fire alarm and we all ran out of the building. After the fire department came, left and everything went back to normal I started thinking of the fact that I never took my hand bag with me, in fact none of did. I thought about all the important cards I have in my purse and my cellphone which I always seem attached.  At the time of the incident they weren’t even a thought. Our main focus was evacuating the people we surport.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of interacting with a gentleman almost everyday at the last stage of his life and now I watching another man die. We are making sure he’s comfortable in every way possible. He no longer eats or drinks, so at this point, he seems to be living in moments. We move a long our day but everytime we enter his room we are faced with the reality of all our faith. This leads me to think of who we really are. As I reflect on these two men, I think of who they were and how they made me feel whenever I’m in their presence. Hmmm, you know that saying you can’t take it with you? It is real. Just like when life happened I couldn’t take my handbag with me. My focus was on the moment.

I wrote all this to say. Every second of this existence means something. The goals we work on are legacies. They will be seen and we will be remembered for them but who are we really? Those things are not who we are. We are the smile we give to others, the selflessness, the kind words, the unconditional love, the light of encouragement, free spirited, get angry but forgive easy, we are the pain we cause others, the abusive nature..etc Not everyone is going to like us, agree with us and relationships will end. However, who are we?  I don’t know the two gentlemen for a long time but they both have a special place in my heart. All entirely based on who they are/were.

It’s the little things.

Who doesn’t enjoy staying  warm on cold winter days. For me, there is no better way to spend my time then snuggled up with a book, a movie, porridge or soup. Comfort food are the best. They relax me and give me such delight. This is what potato soup feels like to me. So yesterday I was home and decided to make some. I have never made it on my own, I always bought it from a restaurant. So I looked online for the recipe, and after a few ajustments I was triumphant. It was sooo good. I even brought some for lunch today.


Set a large Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add the bacon and cook until crispy, 6 to 8 minutes; remove to a plate. When cool, crumble and set aside for garnish.
Add the onions and garlic to the pot, and cook in the rendered bacon grease until softened, 4 to 5 minutes. Add the flour and some salt and pepper, and stir until combined. Cook for 3 minutes, so the raw flour taste cooks out. Add the chicken broth and heavy cream, whisking to remove any flour lumps. Add the potatoes and cook over medium heat until tender, about 10 minutes.
With a potato masher, break up the cooked potatoesthis will yield a thick and chunky consistency. Whisk in sour cream and then the shredded cheddar; let it melt through.
Serve garnished with crispy crumbled bacon and sliced scallions.

I did not use bacon because I am a vegetarian. Nor did I use sour cream or cheddar. I boiled the potatoes in plain water, along with all the seasons and onion until the water is almost gone. Then I add milk, kale and boil again.

What is/are your comfort food?