Day 31 of 100 days of happiness.

A little gem I saw on my Instagram feed.


Day 25 of 100 days of happiness.

One day God will ask you to account for the gift that you have been given. He will ask, “What have you done to help others?” What if he asked how many times have you forgiven or even help someone you don’t know well? Have you live collecting earthy things or have you positively touched the lives of every person who you came across. One thing is certain is our death, but how we live determines how we spend eternity.

Today I heard someone say, “In this life we need not try to fix anything because our life will never be perfect. Our heart should be set on heavenly things. We should follow the commandments and bear the cross.”

This made me smile, it all seems so simple but very hard to maintain. However it’s very much possible. God would never set goals if impossible to keep.

Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”