Who we really are…

In this season my life is moving so fast, if I’m not careful it’s quite easy to miss all of the lessons right before my eyes.

A few of my co workers are quite accomplished but no one would ever know it because it’s not worn on their sleeves nor they brag about it. The crazy thing is, the one that are not, are usually the ones always doing the bragging. Hey, I sum it all up to life. Yesterday something triggered the fire alarm and we all ran out of the building. After the fire department came, left and everything went back to normal I started thinking of the fact that I never took my hand bag with me, in fact none of did. I thought about all the important cards I have in my purse and my cellphone which I always seem attached.  At the time of the incident they weren’t even a thought. Our main focus was evacuating the people we surport.

A few months ago I had the pleasure of interacting with a gentleman almost everyday at the last stage of his life and now I watching another man die. We are making sure he’s comfortable in every way possible. He no longer eats or drinks, so at this point, he seems to be living in moments. We move a long our day but everytime we enter his room we are faced with the reality of all our faith. This leads me to think of who we really are. As I reflect on these two men, I think of who they were and how they made me feel whenever I’m in their presence. Hmmm, you know that saying you can’t take it with you? It is real. Just like when life happened I couldn’t take my handbag with me. My focus was on the moment.

I wrote all this to say. Every second of this existence means something. The goals we work on are legacies. They will be seen and we will be remembered for them but who are we really? Those things are not who we are. We are the smile we give to others, the selflessness, the kind words, the unconditional love, the light of encouragement, free spirited, get angry but forgive easy, we are the pain we cause others, the abusive nature..etc Not everyone is going to like us, agree with us and relationships will end. However, who are we?  I don’t know the two gentlemen for a long time but they both have a special place in my heart. All entirely based on who they are/were.


10 thoughts on “Who we really are…

  1. Amazing article you wrote Shian! I’ve been pondering a lot recently myself. I could write for an hour to address all my related thoughts to everything you said, but will just mention that I’ve noticed that with people, how the ones who don’t accomplish anything are always talking themselves up. Imagine if they put that same energy into something productive haha. Egotism has a way of keeping us from success I believe. Continue blessed my friend!

  2. What a wonderfully written post, Shian! I think about what you wrote all the time now that I’m older. 🙂 Enjoy your youth! I’m not that old, but over the years, life is put into perspective. I find that I want to hold on tighter to family, but too tight isn’t healthy. I’m my Mom’s daughter, for sure, because I tend to worry. Ugh! I’m working on it! Anyway, I’m sorry to hear about those two gentlemen, but thanks for sharing such a beautiful and important post. Take care, Lauren ♥

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