Day 33 of 100 days of happiness.

One thing I enjoy doing is window shopping for clothes. It helps me to get an idea of what I want to buy for any future event, because whenever I’m really shopping, I usually like to be in and out. Sometimes just for fun I also take time to feel the fabric, see which country they were made and make a note of all the pieces that goes together. At times, just by looking  around certain stores, I can get a sense of what is in fashion. When it comes to very important pieces, I try to stay away from trends because they don’t last, which is a big waste of money and they’re not original. If I want to stand out at special occasion I buy from boutiques, because they usually have 4-5 of the same set of outfits and once they’re sold out, that’s it.

Today I saw a cool floral coat Via Google

in my head I saw it going with a black wool close-fitted dress pants and four inch pumps. (any color that’s in the coat) Then, just for fun, I tired on a black and white stripe wrap dress. Via Google (2) I think every woman should own at-least one, no matter how big our mid-section,  if we’re square shaped or have a short torso; it gives an illusion of a waist line. I like mine made with a spandex fabric because it high-lights my figure and arms if it has selves. Another favorite of mine is the high waist dress pants, Via Google (1) because it defines my hour-glass figure, and it can be easily dressed up or down. It’s also fantastic for women with short torso or short in height, especially great with high heels.

It’s all art work, fun, appealing and I get so much gratification from seeing the beauty of it all.


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